Montessori School of Encinitas

Tuition Policy

Here is a summary of our Tuition Policy for the Montessori program at MSE, based on a 5-day weekly schedule:

  • Tuition must be paid weekly. Tuition is due on Monday of each week. Late fees will be assessed on late payments. For returned checks a fee is also assessed, and you may be required to make future payments in cash.
  • Tuition is still due in full according to your child’s fee schedule, even though your child may not attend. Should your child permanently withdraw from the school, no credit or refund of tuition will be given. Return to school would require payment of a re-registration fee.
  • For each additional child enrolled in your immediate family, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on tuition of the older child.
  • Should there be and extenuating circumstances that would prevent you from paying on a timely basis, please discuss this confidentially with the Director prior to it becoming a problem. Continued failure to pay tuition on a timely basis may result in terminating your child’s enrollment.

    Fee Schedule 2023-2024