Montessori School of Encinitas

Snack Policy

Snack Policy

At our school parents provide snack for their child’s class once a month. We have developed a snack policy so that our snacks can be healthy 100% of the time! At some point your child will be completely in charge if their own dietary choices. This is the time of their lives when they are developing habits and learning ways of the world. We have an opportunity to help them develop healthy eating habits.

MSE Snack Guidelines:

  • Snacks must consist of 2 different healthy food group options
  • Sugary snacks are only allowed on your child’s birthday or at class parties when requested
  • Our school is Peanut and all Tree Nuts Free
  • Provide enough for each child to eat 2 snacks in the afternoon



String Cheese                                                            Deviled Eggs

Yogurt                                                                         Berries

Crackers (not Cookies)                                            Granola Bars (no nuts)

Apples                                                                         Watermelon

Plums                                                                          Oranges

Bananas                                                                      Kiwi

Cheese Slices                                                              Applesauce

Low sugar muffins                                                      Bagels w/ cream cheese

Carrots w/ dip                                                             Rice Cakes

Finger sandwiches                                                      Turkey wrap pinwheels

Celery with cream cheese                                          Cheese crackers