Montessori School of Encinitas

Mission and Philosophy

Montessori School of Encinitas is dedicated to the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in the belief that her teachings provide a scientifically based system which not only aids the child during early development but throughout life. The Montessori philosophy is based on love for the child, respect for the child’s dignity as a person, and a strong desire to help the child realize his or her fullest potential in society.
The school upholds the right of the child to progress at his own pace, in his own individual way and to be provided with the aids he needs for physical, emotional, social and intellectual normal development.

The school offers an environment where in an atmosphere of serenity and respect, the child finds:

  • A variety of equipment and material which motivates his spontaneous activity and desire to learn
  • Inner order and inner discipline
  • Confidence and sincerity in human interactions
  • People who lovingly care for his total welfare and development

The Montessori classroom is a social community concerned with the total development of children in a relaxed atmosphere, free of criticism and competition. Our goal is to promote the child’s growth toward autonomy, to give him a positive attitude toward school through an excellent foundation of creative learning. Attitudes and confidence developed while he is yet in formation will serve him throughout his lifetime.